A coffee to support people in Guatemala

We are White Flag Coffee, a non-profit organization supporting people in need in Guatemala to become financially independent.

About the white flags

The origin of the idea

The effects of the pandemic, caused by Covid-19, hit people all over the world. Many who have fallen sick are in mortal danger, countries were in months-long lockdowns and the economic consequences of the security measures caused unemployment, poverty and hunger.

In Guatemala, in early April 2020 white flags first appeared in Guatemala City, hanging from houses as a sign that those who live there have no more income and suffer from hunger. Shortly after, these flags were spread all over the country as a symbol for those in need.

The current situation in Guatemala

We are witness to this situation, as our coffee-import of Meet Los Amigos has been based in Guatemala since the beginning of 2020. We see our neighbors in need and have decided to do everything we can to help them.


More than 60% of the population live in poverty, especially in the rural regions of the country, where the majority are indigenous people.


Most people do not graduate from high school and therefore have limited job opportunities. More than 50% of the population works in the informal sector.

Future Prospects

By many, migration is seen as the only option to prosper and have an adequate income, as the opportunities on the local market are limited.

How you can take action?

You are a roaster, a coffee professional or a coffee lover with interest in our projects? Then become part of our journey!

Find out more about the different options to support our social projects in Guatemala.


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