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A coffee to help those without support

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White Flags

The effects of the pandemic, caused by Covid-19, hit people all over the world. Many who have fallen sick are in mortal danger, countries are in lockdown and the economic consequences of the security measures cause unemployment, and therefore often poverty and hunger.
In Guatemala, the white flags hang from houses as a sign that those who live there have no more income and suffer from hunger. But the white flags are also a symbol of solidarity in difficult times. Aid organizations and neighborhood projects come together and try to help affected families.

The story

Why we care

We are witness to this situation, as our coffee-import of Meet Los Amigos has been based in Guatemala since the beginning of 2020 and we will continue to stay here together with our family.

As a company situated in Germany, daily we see the contrast between a country that can help out its citizens and companies by all means necessary, and our new home, in which until three months ago there was a single hospital, treating cases of COVID-19, and less than 100 medical ventilators for a country of 17.25 Million. We see our neighbors in need and have decided to do everything we can to help them.

White Flag Coffee
– 100 % of the profit are donated for food, hygiene products, and medicine.

Almost 60 % of all people in Guatemala live off their daily earnings, thousands on less than a dollar a day. Through the pandemic now also this meager income has fallen away. Together with our coffee producer, Teodoro Engelhardt of Finca La Bella, we have created a community-blend of his coffees, which we offer our roasters in Europe as “White Flag Coffee”. The profit from the sale of this green coffee goes 100 % to aid organizations here in Guatemala which helps people to support families with food, hygiene articles, and medicine.

Where can I buy White Flag Coffee?

Together with our roaster-partners in Europe we, in this crisis, hope to make a difference for those who are most strongly hit by the health-related, economic, and social effects of this pandemic. We are proud that our roasters support us in this endeavor, they offer our White Flag Coffee freshly roasted with artisanal sophistication and made with love.

Innsbruck, Austria
Hamburg, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Töging am Inn, Germany
Münster, Germany
Graz, Austria
Deidesheim, Germany
Deidesheim, Germany
Munich, Germany
Leutkirch i. A., Germany
Liberec, Czech Republic
Svätý Anton, Slovakia
Hamburg, Deutschland

What happens with the profit from White Flag Coffee?

The profit from the sale of White Flag Coffee goes 100 % to aid organizations here in Guatemala and is evenly distributed among our partners.

1 day of food for a family of six
2 weeks of food for a family of six
2 weeks of food, pampers, and wet towels for the smallest in the family
1 month of food for a family of six

With all additional donations, we can also support long-term projects: Community Gardens, Job-training, help for single parents, medical projects, and many others .

Our partner organizations in Guatemala

To be able to reach as many people and families as possible, we work with experienced and ambitious partners. Personal contact and shared trust are important to us. Our partner organizations believe as we do, that active help and long-term solutions for our neighbors is a priority now. Each partner focusses on different regions and different groups in need.

Our producer

Our community blend of Finca La Bella

Finca La Bella lies in the region of Sierra de las Minas, El Progreso, Guatemala, at a height of 1.450-1.650 Meters. The owner and producer, Teodoro Engelhardt, not only transformed his whole farm into a natural paradise over the years but has created a completely independent ecosystem. That is why his farm deserves its name “La Bella” – the beauty. As part of a tropical rainforest, the farm offers different coffee variations, but it is famous for its Caturra, the Villa Sarchi, and its Pacamara. For our White Flag Coffee together with „Teo”, as his friends call him, we have created a community blend from his farm and surrounding farms.
Coffee producers too are fighting with the effects of the pandemic, the limitations of transport and export, as well as crashing coffee markets, have made this year particularly difficult for them. The community blend thus also symbolizes solidarity. Finca La Bella and its neighbors are proud to be part of the White Flag Coffee and we are happy to be able to support the farms directly by doing so.

The coffee

Like fresh caramel fudge chocolate cake

The result is a coffee that tastes like a fresh caramel-fudge-chocolate-cake. Full-bodied, creamy caramel with fine notes of chocolate and a gentle fruity headnote. For us, it is the taste of feeling secure, being at home, and being together with friends.

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